31 July-25 August 2017, Les Houches (France)


Participants are welcome to arrive July 31 after 2pm. The center of Physics will close August 25 at 4pm.

Tentative schedule:

  9:00-10:30 10:55-12:25 14:00-15:00 16:00-17:00 17:00-18:00 18:00-19:00
August 1st Muller 1 Romps 1 Free Free Start 17:30  Muller 2
August 2nd Muller 3 Romps 2 Free Free Peltier
Schneider 1
August 3rd Muller 4 Romps 3 Free Participant talks Lucarini Bouchet 1
August 4th Muller 5 Romps  4 Cloud hike Cloud hike Start 17:30 Romps 5
August 6th         Start 20:30  Schneider 2
August 7th Shepherd 1 Dijkstra 1   Participant talks Golden Marston
August 8th Dijkstra 2 Shepherd 2 Ghil Start 16:30 Participant talks Dijkstra 3
August 9th Shepherd 3 Dijkstra 4 Tutorial Free Start 17:30 Shepherd 4
August 10th Dijkstra 5 Shepherd 5 Tutorial Free Participant talks  Venaille
August 11th Shepherd 6 Dijkstra 6 Project talks Free Free Free
August 14th Young 1 Ferrari 1 Tutorial Free Bühler  Newell
August 15th Young 2 Cessi 1 Tutorial  Free Participant talks Dauxois
August 16th Cessi 2 Ferrari 2 Discussion Free Tutorial Vanneste
August 17th Cessi 3 Young 3 Tutorial Free Free Haynes
August 18th Ferrari 3          
August 21th Held 1 Vallis 1 tutorial     Penduff
August 22th Held 2 Bouchet  2       Deike
August 23th Held 3 Held 4   tutorial     Wirth
August 24th  Held 5 Vallis 2 Discussion     Vallis 3
August 25th            


  • Henk Dikjstra, Stephan Fauve: Turbulence theory, statistical mechanics and dynamical systems approaches
  • Paola Cessi, Raffaele Ferrari, Bill Young: Ocean turbulence
  • Isaac Held, Ted Shepherd: Large scale atmosphere turbulence
  • Caroline Muller, David Romps: Clouds and turbulent moist convection


  • Freddy Bouchet: Sampling extreme heat waves and abrupt transitions in turbulent flows using rare event algorithms
  • Oliver Bühler:The Gage-Nastrom Spectrum and the complete theory of wave-mean interactions (abridged)
  • Thierry Dauxois: Abyssal mixing in the laboratory?
  • Luc Deike: Wave breaking in ocean-atmosphere interactions
  • Ken Golden: Modeling fluid processes in the sea ice system
  • Peter Haynes: The fluctuation-dissipation theorem: from statistical physics to climate dynamics?
  • Valerio Lucarini: Melancholia States in the Climate System
  • Brad Marston: Direct Statistical Simulation of Geophysical Flows
  • Alan Newell: Wave turbulence
  • Richard Peltier: Ocean Turbulence and Global Climate Variability
  • Thierry Penduff: Characterizing the chaotic variability of the global eddying ocean
  • Tapio Schneider 1: The Future of Clouds
  • Tapio Schneider 2: Turbulent flows in climate dynamics
  • Geoff Vallis: Simple models and parameterizations of moist convection
  • Jacques Vanneste: Geometric generalised Lagrangian mean theories
  • Antoine Venaille: Waves, symmetries and invariants in geophysical fluids
  • Achim Wirth: A fluctuation-dissipation relation for the ocean subject to turbulent atmospheric forcing



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